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ShareOwner's unique Portfolio Building Service provides investors with an easy way to build and manage their own portfolio. ShareOwner is the only investment dealer in Canada that enables you to create and order an entire portfolio and provides automatic dividend reinvestment for all stocks and exchange-traded funds available through the Portfolio Building Service.

Our Portfolio Building Service has been designed to help investors choose, and then prudently build, a well-diversified portfolio of high quality growth stocks. It also lets them buy only what they can easily afford, while enjoying unusually small commissions. ShareOwner gives you the advantages you need to be successful.

Create and order an entire portfolio.
With our Portfolio Building Service you pick the stocks or ETFs that you want in your portfolio from our list of more than 450 of the largest Canadian and US stocks and ETFs. Our pooled trading service buys and sells stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) on a specific schedule each month.

Reduce your costs with Canada's only flat fee pricing for portfolio trades.
At ShareOwner, you can order a portfolio of 5, 10, 15, 20 or more stocks and the commission is a flat $40 per order. Keeping your investing costs down is an important element of helping you to increase your returns over the long term.

Order a specific dollar amount of each security.
ShareOwner is the only investment dealer in Canada that enables you to purchase a specific dollar amount of each stock or ETF (in the same way that you would purchase mutual funds). Our unique dollar-based buying program allows you to purchase both whole and fractional shares of a stock.

Set up an automated purchase plan to invest on a consistent basis.
With ShareOwner you can choose to purchase your portfolio of stocks on a one-time basis or on a recurring basis (i.e. monthly or quarterly) and we also offer convenient withdrawals directly from your bank account. Investing regularly helps you to build your portfolio consistently over the long term and enables you to avoid having to try to "time the market" with your purchases.

ShareOwner provides full dividend reinvestment.
Dividends are an important element of your growth portfolio over the long-term, and reinvestment of these dividends can help to improve the overall return on your portfolio. ShareOwner provides automatic dividend reinvestment (to four decimals) for all stocks and exchange-traded funds available through the Portfolio Building Service.

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